Hello and welcome! This website is dedicated to the life and works of clinical hypnotherapist, Dr. Scott Lewis. A true legend in the field, Dr. Scott single-handedly transformed the hypnosis field into a viable alternative for a wide range of health and wellness issues. Perhaps most famous for his weight loss product, HypnoDiet, Dr. Scott also created hypnosis programs to quit smoking, defeat anxiety, and overcome many other very common health and mental problems.

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Praise for Dr. Lewis’ Programs and Books

  • “Losing over 30 pounds through Dr. Lewis’ program has been an unbelievable experience. I eat what I want. I do what I want and the difference is now I eat and do the right things.”
    — Jeanne Corocran
    St. Louis, MO • Lost 34 pounds!
  • “Dr. Lewis makes a compelling case that hypnosis deserves a place in today’s multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.”
    —Theron Baker, DDS, PS
  • “I’ve been on every diet imaginable and this is the first program that I’ve had no trouble with.”
    — Beth Metzger
    Reno, NV • Lost 73 pounds!
  • “This has been great, it was was easy. Never has it been tempting to go get a cigarette.”
    — Brenda Tayler
    Former 24 year smoker